1. Self-Assessment
2. Business Idea
3. Market Analysis
4. Management Skills
5. Business Planning
6. Forecasting
7. Financing
8. Support Help
9. Venture Launch
10. Monitor Progress
Graduation Certificate

Session 10: Monitor Progress

All too often, people get so consumed with the day-to-day issues of running the business, that they forget about or do not allocate the time and resources for the bookkeeping, record keeping and other management tasks that are essential to making sure that their business operation is on track and that problems are not developing that they may be unaware of.

Start-up operations frequently ignore the need for these activities or plan to do the tasks themselves. Here is an area where hiring the right professional is not only smart, but can (and should) be a critical part of your management plan. If you have employees, a payroll service is a bargain. Surprisingly, the IRS is a very valuable resource, not only laying out your business tax responsibilities, but providing much other helpful advice as well.

For additional help with monitoring your business progress, this exercise will address:

  1. Small Business Management Articles and Record Keeping Forms
  2. Business Counseling Resources
  3. Business Monitoring Strategy Worksheet
  4. Summary