1. Self-Assessment
2. Business Idea
3. Market Analysis
4. Management Skills
5. Business Planning
6. Forecasting
7. Financing
8. Support Help
9. Venture Launch
10. Monitor Progress
Graduation Certificate

Session 9: Business Launch

All of the work you have done so far is to prepare for what you may have thought would be your first activity - opening for business. Even now, though, there is more information you may need to gather and other issues to prepare for before you are actually ready to "open the doors." The Business Readiness Checklist will help you to identify what these final issues may be. There may be business licensing, zoning requirements, occupancy permits, or other state and local requirements that you will have to comply with. Don't forget about or ignore the need for risk prevention and insurance. Your business development resource provider, your lawyer, or accountant will help you with the specifics. The point is, be prepared - otherwise you may be shut down even before you start.

  1. Regulations and Other Compliance Issues
  2. Managing Business Risk
  3. Business Readiness Check List
  4. Strategic Mapping Worksheet
  5. Summary